Friday, October 30, 2009

Day 1 - the start of an epic adventure

My name is Joyce Wong Xin Yee.
You can call me Joyce, Xin Yee, or Joyce Wong Xin Yee.
Nicknames like "darling", "baby", or "dear" will not be entertained.
Still I think "nubbet" is a cute one.

Not a newbie in Sudden Attack SEA, not a pro either.
Been playing it for almost a month.
I find the competition a lot harder in Tungsten than Boot Camp.
Kill/Death percentage dropped by 10% or so.

I grew up playing Counter Strike with my brother.
I like Sudden Attack SEA because every terrorist players can plant bomb.
The pace is faster and you don't need to be pro to buy good guns.
All you need is a bit of cash, or just beg for someone to gift you one.

I'm a home school student and I can't go out often.
Online games like these are my only way of reaching the outer world.
I like this game enough to start a blog about it.
If you play the game as well, tell me why do you play it?

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