Friday, November 20, 2009

Day 11 - Killing is not the actual objective of the game

People always assume games with guns are always about the killing.
The one with most kill record will always be regarded as pro.
If I choose to plant bomb at late games I'll get voted out of the room.
Then what's the point of having the bomb planting feature in the game?

Counter Strike was a failure among local players because of this.
The assumption is you have to be a sniper to be pro.
You have to kill a lot without getting killed.
The idea of teamwork: stay alive or get the hell out of the game.

In Counter Strike, only 1 player carries the C4 charges.
In Sudden Attack SEA, everyone in terrorist team have one.
The person planted or defused the bomb get extra points if their team win.
This opened a floodgate of possibilities in strategy planning.

If you study the nature of the game and understand it.
Instead of just wanting to blow some heads.
Winning games are not just a possibility.
You might very well end up getting called "pro".


  1. I like your post title. damn right killing ain't the objective. hate it when idiots keep running around trying to get more kills, so frustrating to secure the objective alone. You should try modern warfare 2, best investment for me ever.

  2. essse count e muito lokoo como possso baixa elle

    como e o nome delle pra mim baixa